Tuesday, June 28, 2011

nesting Baya Weaver

Since i started birding in USM, i've only seen the Baya Weaver (Ciak Tempua) once at snake creek (just beside Durian valley). It was a male but i didn't notice any nest around. I've never seen their nest until recently.
The location was just across the road from the entrance to my workplace, Centre for Drug Research. There is a nice bamboo tree with an Atrocarpus sp. tree on te side. There were at least 10 nest around. Here are some shot of it,

The Atrocarpus sp. tree is also fruiting. I saw Crested Myna feasting on the fruit,

This is how the seed of plants were disperse....

Some other birds
 A juvenile Black Naped Oriole (Dendang Selayang/Burung Kunyit)

A Stork Billed Kingfisher.

That's all. Thanks.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Posting in short

After i notice that i didn't really have time to update my blog, i decided to do short posting rather than waiting for a long interesting trip. Just like what Yeo Siew Teck did. Here is the first one...

From Perlis, this what i conclude as Ocracheous Bulbul. It was nesting and feeding its chick.
 This is Hairy Backed Bulbul
 A Calotes emma, Forest Crested Lizard
 a Malaysian Blue Krait, Bungarus candidus. Venomous and deadly..
 a Rufous Collared Kingfisher
 Black Bearded Gliding Lizard, Draco melanopogon.
 A Rough Sided Frog, Hylarana glandulosa.
 A juvenile Cyrtodactylus macrotuberculatus.
That's all. Thanks.