Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last minute collections

Here are some photos which i missed out...and some of the collection made this year end. In all, its a nice collection to finish off the year 2011. Enjoy..

From Byram,

Little ringed plover in breeding plumage

Little Stint. My lifer.

White Wagtail. My lifer.

From Batu Kawan, 

Oriental Darter. Thanks to Mun who found it and share it with us. Though the shot is not so good as it was raining heavily, just looking at the bird is pretty amazing as there were only 2 previous record from Peninsular Malaysia....

From Alor Setar coast,

 Lesser crested tern. My lifer. I concluded it as lesser as the bill is more of orange than yellow. I counted 8 of them on 25th Dec and 0n 26th the number goes up to 30! That makes me wonder as this bird is not that common on our shore.....

Look at the wingspan!

 Common tern (larger bird in the middle) with white winged tern. Correct me if i'm wrong.

 Whiskered tern (thanks to David Bakewell for the correction).

Thanks a lot to all my friends who shared the good experience of birding and herping in year 2011. See you next year and i hope it'll be much more exciting! Thanks a lot guys!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 year end collections

I have lots of back log images to share and i don't really have time to do a proper write up. So here they come,

From Bukit Panchor. I came here to help with a student bat sampling, and to do some recce for my study. On my way out i took a wrong direction and lost for a while. I was lucky that i made it out of the forest safely. Alhamdulillah. Here are some of the shots taken,

A view of Bukit Panchor Dam,

 Hylarana glandulosa, Rough Sided Frog

 Hylarana labialis, White lipped Frog.

 Hylarana erythraea, Common Greenback Frog. As you can see,here they don't have a truly green back as their friends that we usually encounter.

 Limnonectes malesianus, Malesian Frog. First record from here.

 A tiger leech which infested us during the trip. The bite is super itchy unlike its other cousin.

From Byram. I went here to get some improvement shots of the little stint and white wagtail. But their foraging area is a bit dry so no bird seen except little ringed plover and common sandpiper. So in the end i got better shot of Garganey but still couldn't get both of them in one frame.


Grey Heron.

Hmmm...i thought i got more photos...anyway that's all guys. Thanks.