Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last minute collections

Here are some photos which i missed out...and some of the collection made this year end. In all, its a nice collection to finish off the year 2011. Enjoy..

From Byram,

Little ringed plover in breeding plumage

Little Stint. My lifer.

White Wagtail. My lifer.

From Batu Kawan, 

Oriental Darter. Thanks to Mun who found it and share it with us. Though the shot is not so good as it was raining heavily, just looking at the bird is pretty amazing as there were only 2 previous record from Peninsular Malaysia....

From Alor Setar coast,

 Lesser crested tern. My lifer. I concluded it as lesser as the bill is more of orange than yellow. I counted 8 of them on 25th Dec and 0n 26th the number goes up to 30! That makes me wonder as this bird is not that common on our shore.....

Look at the wingspan!

 Common tern (larger bird in the middle) with white winged tern. Correct me if i'm wrong.

 Whiskered tern (thanks to David Bakewell for the correction).

Thanks a lot to all my friends who shared the good experience of birding and herping in year 2011. See you next year and i hope it'll be much more exciting! Thanks a lot guys!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 year end collections

I have lots of back log images to share and i don't really have time to do a proper write up. So here they come,

From Bukit Panchor. I came here to help with a student bat sampling, and to do some recce for my study. On my way out i took a wrong direction and lost for a while. I was lucky that i made it out of the forest safely. Alhamdulillah. Here are some of the shots taken,

A view of Bukit Panchor Dam,

 Hylarana glandulosa, Rough Sided Frog

 Hylarana labialis, White lipped Frog.

 Hylarana erythraea, Common Greenback Frog. As you can see,here they don't have a truly green back as their friends that we usually encounter.

 Limnonectes malesianus, Malesian Frog. First record from here.

 A tiger leech which infested us during the trip. The bite is super itchy unlike its other cousin.

From Byram. I went here to get some improvement shots of the little stint and white wagtail. But their foraging area is a bit dry so no bird seen except little ringed plover and common sandpiper. So in the end i got better shot of Garganey but still couldn't get both of them in one frame.


Grey Heron.

Hmmm...i thought i got more photos...anyway that's all guys. Thanks. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Garganey at Byram

After getting an enail from David Bakewell and Tan Choo Eng on the sighting of a Garganey in Byram. I quickly plan for a short visit last saturday. My journey to Byram started of with rain just after the bridge making me worried and thinking whether it will be raining in Byram or not. I bring two of my friends who are keen to learn photographing birds, Am and Abong. We were lucky, as we arrived at Byram, the rain just stopped. I don't really care about other birds that i lend my 170-500mm lens to Am and i used my binocular to look for the celebrity bird, the Garganey. After a long search, i could find the bird and we stopped for while and eat our late breakfast. On our way back, i decided to look for the bird at one last stop at the first pond. I grab my binocular i spotted a weird bird besides a lesser whistling duck perched on a dead wood. I knew that is the Garganey and quickly set up my digiscope. Some shots of the bird...

Although not so good but i'm really glad to see this as it is my lifer.

Some other birds shot,

Collared Kingfisher,
 A flock of cattle egret on a dead tree.

I also tried to find the little and long-toed stint but to no avail. Maybe next time. That's all. Thanks.

Raya haji in Alor Setar 2011

I went back to Alor Setar for my Raya Haji this year. It coincide with the starting of the migratory season. Pity i didn't see as many raptors as last year except for two OHB and a few japanese sparrowhawk. So i went for the waders instead. Not too many of them and most stays quite far away. The best was what i think blact-tailed godwit. There were a few flock, in total about 15-20 birds.
 with two lesser sandplover
 with common greenshank. Some flying shots of the spooked waders buti'm not too sure of which species it is. Could it be the black-tailed godwit or just curlew sandpiper.


 After shooting the waders, i heard some ruckus in the bushes by the mudflat. So i waited for a while, then this fella came out. A mongoose, it was feeding on the rubbish thrown by nearby villagers...

 Back to the village area, as usual during the starting of migratory season, the villagers will start to put up their mist nets. So as usual there will always be some unfortunate side catch...like this rare oriental scops owl...

 There were two of them..... :(

Some others,

a juvenile little heron,

blue-tailed bee eater,

 SOme of other shots..

Arctic warbler,


White-winged tern,

Great egret,

That's all. Thanks a lot for reading.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Journey to the east 111027

 I was invited my my former Profesor to join him on a trip to East Malaysia, Kelantan and Terengganu. Our main target is to do a herpetofauna survey at two recreational, namely Gunung Stong State Park (or also known as Jelawang Waterfall) in Dabong,Kelantan and Lata Tembakah in the area of Jerteh, Terengganu.

 Stong State Park, the waterfall,
 Surprisingly there were a lot of visitors here. These are the USM's students from Medical campus. I didn't manage to capture the photo of the tallest fall due to heavy mist.

Here are the animals..

Amolops larutensis, Larut Torrent Frog.

A male Limnonectes plicatellus, Rhinoceros frog calling for a mate,

 A lantern bug,

 A male Ingerophrynus parvus, Dwarf Toad,

Polypedates macrotis, Dark-eared Treefrog. One of the Rhacophorids we found. We also found a Rhacophorus prominanus and Polypedates leucomystax but i didn't take any photo of it. 

 A bug,

 After spending a night at Stong, we head down to Lata Tembakah in Terengganu. Here are some of the animals seen. Pity i didn't shoot the waterfall, it is one of the nicest i've seen.

My lifer, Polypedates colleti, Collet's Treefrog.

Rhacophorus appendiculatus, Frilled Treefrog,
Aphaniotis fusca, Earless Agamid. Showing its bluish inner mouth as a threatening sign.
An Oriental Honey Buzzard soaring, i'm no sure whether its a migrant or local...

As you can see,i've resized the photo in my posting to X-large for you to enjoy.

Thanks a lot guys.