Monday, November 21, 2011

Raya haji in Alor Setar 2011

I went back to Alor Setar for my Raya Haji this year. It coincide with the starting of the migratory season. Pity i didn't see as many raptors as last year except for two OHB and a few japanese sparrowhawk. So i went for the waders instead. Not too many of them and most stays quite far away. The best was what i think blact-tailed godwit. There were a few flock, in total about 15-20 birds.
 with two lesser sandplover
 with common greenshank. Some flying shots of the spooked waders buti'm not too sure of which species it is. Could it be the black-tailed godwit or just curlew sandpiper.


 After shooting the waders, i heard some ruckus in the bushes by the mudflat. So i waited for a while, then this fella came out. A mongoose, it was feeding on the rubbish thrown by nearby villagers...

 Back to the village area, as usual during the starting of migratory season, the villagers will start to put up their mist nets. So as usual there will always be some unfortunate side this rare oriental scops owl...

 There were two of them..... :(

Some others,

a juvenile little heron,

blue-tailed bee eater,

 SOme of other shots..

Arctic warbler,


White-winged tern,

Great egret,

That's all. Thanks a lot for reading.

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