Monday, November 5, 2012

Looking for southward migrants in Alor Setar 2012

I went back to Alor Setar for the Raya Haji this year. This year it coincide with the early southward migratory season. It gave me an oppotunity to observe some of the passing migrants at my wife's house. Most are the usuals suspects which never missed to make a stop here foraging for the luxurious insects at the surrounding paddyfields.

I didn't see any passing raptors this year which is quite weird. I do make a good last year. The count at Bedong raptor count site just south of Alor Setar for this season is also very good. What makes them not passing the area still a mystery to me...

 A first winter Crow-billed drongo. The thick bill and the whitish belly gives out the id.

 An eastern-crowned Warbler. I'm a bit confused for the id of this one but i'm quite sure i saw a stripe on the mid-head.

 This is a new record for this area, a female Tickell's Blue flycatcher (thanks to Dave Bakewell for the id). Pity i didn't manage to get a better shot of it as it was quite skittish.
 Another shot of the Mugimaki.

 I went to check the paddyfields for snipe and i manage to count at least 6 individuals. The top photo shot suggest that it is a swinhoe's snipe base on the plainer belly and less distinct and the toes didn't extend beyond tail tip....any other suggestion?
This one photo suggest that it is a Common snipe base on the feet that extends slightly beyond tail tip..but i'm not sure if i'm right...

Some of the locals, 

Common Tailorbird

Pied Fantail.

Thanks a lot.