Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Journey to the east 111027

 I was invited my my former Profesor to join him on a trip to East Malaysia, Kelantan and Terengganu. Our main target is to do a herpetofauna survey at two recreational, namely Gunung Stong State Park (or also known as Jelawang Waterfall) in Dabong,Kelantan and Lata Tembakah in the area of Jerteh, Terengganu.

 Stong State Park, the waterfall,
 Surprisingly there were a lot of visitors here. These are the USM's students from Medical campus. I didn't manage to capture the photo of the tallest fall due to heavy mist.

Here are the animals..

Amolops larutensis, Larut Torrent Frog.

A male Limnonectes plicatellus, Rhinoceros frog calling for a mate,

 A lantern bug,

 A male Ingerophrynus parvus, Dwarf Toad,

Polypedates macrotis, Dark-eared Treefrog. One of the Rhacophorids we found. We also found a Rhacophorus prominanus and Polypedates leucomystax but i didn't take any photo of it. 

 A bug,

 After spending a night at Stong, we head down to Lata Tembakah in Terengganu. Here are some of the animals seen. Pity i didn't shoot the waterfall, it is one of the nicest i've seen.

My lifer, Polypedates colleti, Collet's Treefrog.

Rhacophorus appendiculatus, Frilled Treefrog,
Aphaniotis fusca, Earless Agamid. Showing its bluish inner mouth as a threatening sign.
An Oriental Honey Buzzard soaring, i'm no sure whether its a migrant or local...

As you can see,i've resized the photo in my posting to X-large for you to enjoy.

Thanks a lot guys.

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