Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teluk Air Tawar Wader Count 111016

MNS penang branch has made a trip to Teluk Air Tawar on the mainland Penang to make the usual yearly winter migration wader count. We starts off at around 8 am and here are some of the waders seen.

 Red necked Stint,

 Common greenshank.

 The bird of the day was a Great knot. I hope i photographed the right bird...but looks a bit like Curlew Sandpiper...maybe i got the wrong guy, as it was very far away...

 Little egret with common greenshank and common redshank.

 Common redshank.

 Terek Sandpiper

 Little egret in breeding plumage,

 Common redshank,

A Curlew sandpiper with a single leg yet it survived the migraation. Amazing!

That's all guys. Thanks.


digdeep said...

I agree with your Great Knot Muin!


M. A. Muin said...

Thanks Dave. It was pointed out by Mun. There were two of them i think. But pointing my digiscope out to look for it was never easy. It was very far and this shot was heavily cropped..

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