Monday, October 17, 2011

Alor Setar 111008

I went back to Alor Setar for some urgent work. I manage to squeeze in some time to monitor the autumn migration for this year. Pity there was no raptor seen thermalling yet like last season but i end up with some good shots of others. Hope they'll pass by when i go back for the Hari Raya Qurban/Aidiladha.


This male Asian Paradise Flycatcher is a frequent visitor at my wife's house. I shot this with my macro lens Nikon 105mm and cropped it a bit.
 A bee? Only after i shot this and look at it in my monitor then i saw the white spider...can u see it?
 A male brown throated (or plain throated) sunbird,

 Pied fantail with a dragonfly,

Lesser or greater..sandplover? I'll go for lesser...correct me if i'm wrong,

A lesser sand plover with two common redshanks,
Cattle egret,

 Some macro and close up shots,

 A mating stinkbug?

 Great egret,
 Slaty breasted rail

 Tiger shrike
 White-winged tern (id corrected)
 Lesser sandplover with Terek sandpiper
 A young little heron swallowing a climbing perch,

Common redshank,
 Whiskered tern,
 Eastern Yellow Wagtail,
 A swiflet,

I also manage to go to Gunung Jerai to sample some of the herpetofauna there. It was raining but we were lucky that it stop just before dark. An ideal situation for herping. This two is the main target for the night. A resident in the mountains of Malaysia. Their call is quite distinctive but very hard to locate as for its small size...both shot were taken during daytime in the lab,so both in day coloration. At night they tend to be paler...

Philautus petersi

Philautus parvulus,

A huge female Megophrys nasuta,
A calling male Limnonectes blythii,

Thanks a lot.


digdeep said...

Hi Muin
A few corrections here:

The first tern is a White-winged, the second is a Whiskered, and the wagtail is an Eastern Yellow.



M. A. Muin said...

Thanks Dave. Id corrected. Learning so much from you...