Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 year end collections

I have lots of back log images to share and i don't really have time to do a proper write up. So here they come,

From Bukit Panchor. I came here to help with a student bat sampling, and to do some recce for my study. On my way out i took a wrong direction and lost for a while. I was lucky that i made it out of the forest safely. Alhamdulillah. Here are some of the shots taken,

A view of Bukit Panchor Dam,

 Hylarana glandulosa, Rough Sided Frog

 Hylarana labialis, White lipped Frog.

 Hylarana erythraea, Common Greenback Frog. As you can see,here they don't have a truly green back as their friends that we usually encounter.

 Limnonectes malesianus, Malesian Frog. First record from here.

 A tiger leech which infested us during the trip. The bite is super itchy unlike its other cousin.

From Byram. I went here to get some improvement shots of the little stint and white wagtail. But their foraging area is a bit dry so no bird seen except little ringed plover and common sandpiper. So in the end i got better shot of Garganey but still couldn't get both of them in one frame.


Grey Heron.

Hmmm...i thought i got more photos...anyway that's all guys. Thanks. 

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