Thursday, July 1, 2010

Taman Negara

I've been given a chance to give lecture and field training to the University of Victoria, Canada students in the Tropical Field School Programme organized by School of Biological Sciences. It was a great experience but pity i don't have time to do herping in this magnificent forest of Taman Negara. I still remeber, back in 2002, i spent a month in this jungle doing my final year project research on fish diversity along Tahan river. Sleeping in an A tent, with all the tigers n elephants. Kinda creepy! Now this how the place looks like,

With toilets, small cafe, feeding platform and a nice jungle chalet. Last time, my campsite was on the rock at the right....
I'm just glad the Kelah or Malaysian Mahseer still thrive in the area...just like when we first feed them with pellets.

This trip was on 4th June 2010. We stays at Traveller's Home chalet, Kuala Tahan.

We make our way to the Canopy Walkway by boat and head back by trekking through the Bukit Teresek trail to Kuala Tahan.

The canopy walk...

Gonocephalus bellii,Bell's Anglehead Lizard. Sighted at the Canopy walk.

Some of the birds sighted or heard are the wreathed hornbill, blue crowned hanging parrot, long tailed parakeet and many others. For complete list please refer at

Blue Rumped Parrot

Crested Fireback

Green Broadbill,Female

Green Broadbill,male.

We also spent one night at Cegar Anjing Hide. And it produces a lot of night birds for me such as frogmouths and owls. But pity, we didn't see any mammals at the salt-licks except wild boar.

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Choy Wai Mun said...

Muin, looks like you had a great trip. Great shots...