Friday, August 6, 2010

Alor Setar 100724

I forgot to post this visit of mine...
I went back to Alor Setar in a rush after the demise of my wife's grandfather. After the burial ceremony, i decided to do a short check at the coast, which i called Kedah Coast, for the early waders. I did manage to see some lesser sand plover, terek sandpiper, redshank and greenshank. Only the lesser sand plover can be seen still wearing their breeding coat. Here are some of the shots but they were very far and heavily might even be wrongly identified..

Greenshank and redshank...thanks to Dave for the id,


The lesser sand plover...

As i was photographing these birds, i heard a  a rumbling calls in the air. When i looked up, i saw 3 tern, which i assume to be little, fighting...

On my way back, i saw lots of swiftlets flying over a river besides the paddyfield. I stopped for a while to try some flying shots. This is the best i could get,
  Is it a Germain's swiftlet? Anyway, i'm quite satisfied with this shot. As usual, do correct me if the identifications are wrong. Thanks.

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