Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CNY in Alor Setar

After my boy got chicken pox, i had to cancel my first birding trip of the year with my sifu David Bakewell. The trip turns out to be very fruitful and i could have had 3 lifers. Anyway, family comes first! So i tried to do some birding and practicing my macro at the backyard. Here are some of the findings..

My first ant-mimic spider,

A nice damselfly,

A bluish dragon,

A house fly,

A mosquito, maybe the larvae?

A nice green spider with prey,

A flock of red rumped swallow and lots of jungle myna came to feed on insects while the harvester starts cutting the paddy. 

A considerably threatened bird in the wild caused by pet trade, a red whiskered bulbul came close as a respond to its calling caged friend. I heard that another wild individual was caught two weeks before. 

A robberfly,

A nice spider,

A yellow bittern caught a climbing perch,

trying to swallow it and it succeeded.

It is not too bad Chinese New Year holiday after all. Thanks all for reading!


Choy Wai Mun said...

Nice collection of images. Hope you boy is feeling better.

digdeep said...

Hi Muin

Yes, hope the itchiness has stopped! Bad timing though!

The blue dragonfly is Diplocodes trivialis - very common open country species. Need to check on the damsel.

M. A. Muin said...

Thanks Mun n Dave. My boy already recovered. Thanks for the id Dave. I'm yet to have any references on dragon n damsel..hopefully can get it sooner or later..