Thursday, July 5, 2012


I've been very busy this mid year. I've not join any proper birding neither did any herping trip turns out well. Going out to the woods again this weekend till next week. After that its going to be the fasting month... After raya, i'll need to catch up with my sampling. That's going to take one year to be finish. I hope i can find some time to update this blog of mine....

Here are some of the good stuffs i got which i didn't manage to post before...

A juvenile Hosemys spinosa, Spiny Hill Turtle

A calling male Spotted Litter frog, Leptobrachium hendriksonii

An adult Limnonectes malesianus

My lifer, Robinson Anglehead Lizard, Gonocephalus robinsonii

A Nepenthes from Cameron Highlands. Not sure of which species..but maybe N. macfarlanei. I would appreciate any help on the id.

Ptychozoon lionotum, Smooth-backed Gliding Gecko.

 Ptychozoon kuhli, Kuhl's Gliding Gecko.

A shot from a farm, American Bullfrog.

Ansonia latifi.

That's all. Thanks a lot.


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