Monday, October 18, 2010

Scott's Hill, Taiping (Raptor count) 101010

I got an sms from Choo Eng, my birding partner inviting me to join our sifu Kanda and a lecturer from school of physic,USM to go to Scott's Hill, Taiping. The main reason is to witness and count the migrating raptors.

Started the journey a bit late from Penang, at 7 am. We arrived and greeted by one of the raptor expert in Malaysia, Lim Kim Chye. The weather was a bit cloudy in the morning but it heats up as the sun rise up.Overall not so many flock of raptors seen, not more than 5 flock. Majority of them are the Chinese goshawk/Sparrowhawk.

Some Oriental Honey Buzzard, this male circling low enough giving me a chance to get quite a decent photo of it. At first i thought it was a Crested Serpent Eagle... :(

A nice surprise by an Osprey,

According to Kim Chye, this is the first record of it migrating this season. Nice!

In the evening, there is no other flock passing through and we decided to wrap up the day early. When we got back, Choo Eng found out that there was a big storm up north at Perlis which could be the reason of the low count.... Anyway, there's always next time...


terence said...

The osprey is a female. Nice shot. I think it is the first for the season. I have record them migrating over in my side just ooposite of Scott's Hill

M. A. Muin said...

Thanks Terence. Then the osprey should be first of this season....Thanks again for the correction.