Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Raptor Count Alor Setar 101031

After counting at Taiping, i can't wait to do the raptor count at Alor Setar,Kedah. Hopefully it will be as good as before. I actually went back to attend a friend's wedding.

The weather was cloudy the whole weekend. It was however good in someway that the raptors flying quite low enabling me to see them properly. The strong wind also helps the raptors to fly across easily. But i could have missed a lot of flock which flew on top of the dark clouds.

I started my count at 9.15 a.m. and stopped at 1 p.m. after a heavy downpour. The total count was a bit low but still its amazing to see the raptors flying by in flocks.....i wonder how would it feel if i were to be at Radar or Pencil Hill...

Anyway here are some shots of the passing by raptors....as usual, do correct me if the identifications are wrong..
Japanese sparrowhawk,male. (Thanks friends for the correction)

 Oriental Honey Buzzard

Another Oriental Honey Buzzard, dark morph


Pale morph of OHB
Though many japanese sparrowhawk pass by, i failed to get a good image of them. The final count is:

217 Japanese sparrowhawk
2 Chinese sparrowhawk
321 Oriental Honey Buzzard

Surprisingly, no black baza were seen....or i just miss id them....?

That's all. Thanks for viewing.


digdeep said...

Hi Muin

The first Chinese looks like a male Japanese the second one looks like an OHB. See what Terence says.



True Health said...

I did go to Taiping raptor count on the same day, the number of jap sparrowhawk does not exceed 50, this most probably that raptor using alor star route do not use the Taiping route...?


terence said...

Yup! Agree with Dave,
Your first picture is a Japanese Sparrowhawk Male and the second is a OHB.
By the way, are you sure you got 217 Jap?
A figure that is rather too high for a day count in P.Malaysia..

jytou said...

I agreed, first Chinese is Jap, look at the 5 extended fingers, Chinese has 4 non-extended fingers

The second Chinese is OHB, notice the difference in wing shape with accipiters.

Anonymous said...

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