Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hutan Simpan Sungai Sembrong, Keluang, Johor

I forgot to do some write up on this trip...late but here it is..

I was again invited to do a survey for EIA by school of biological sciences,USM. This time, it was in Johor. we used the same road going to the Peta, Endau-Rompin, but we took a right turn after about half an hour drive in from the main road. We stayed at a 'kongsi' own by a businessman who planted cloned rubber trees. The 'kongsi' was meant for the workers of course.

The forest was said to be unproductive secondary forest, which is why they wanted to convert it to cloned rubber tree estate.

After going into the forest, i realized that it is a peat swamp forest. I'm surprise by the diversity, especially bird wise of the area. I manage to record more than 90 species of birds. Other than that, we also captured a bat which we've never seen before,although it is common at Krau Reserve, Hipposideros ridleyi.

Here are some of the shots taken from here,

Tiger shrike
 Balionycteris maculata, Spotted Winged Fruit Bat
 Buff Vented Bulbul
 Cream Vented Bulbul
 Black Shouldered Kite. I noticed that this species is in a process of nesting
 Striated Swallow
 Footprint, belongs to some sort of small cat
 Measuring the water quality
 Black Bellied Malkoha
 Red Naped Trogon
 Hipposideros ridleyi
 Leptobrachium nigrop
 Little Green Pigeon
 Maxomys surifer
 Red Billed Malkoha
 Savanna Nightjar
 A Tapir's footprint. Found at quite a few different area, showing that tey are surviving well here..
Other than Tapir, there were lots of elephant in this area too.

It's a pity to see this biodiversity rich area will be destroyed but we can only propose them to do selective clearance and not total clear fell. I hope these wildlife will find their new home...


digdeep said...

Hi Muin

I hope you can convince them to adjust their plans, but somehow I doubt it! By the way, the swallow is more likely to be Red-rumped. Migrant Striated has not been recorded with certainty in Pen Malaysia.


Madibirder said...

It would be a real shame to lose something like this. Not many places like this left.

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Our country should put more effort on conservation of nature.

Kah-Wai Lin said...
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M. A. Muin said...

Thanks Dave for the correction. I'm really sad to say that the forestry has given them a one sided agreement. They'll get the land...sooner or later.

jytou said...

If they are not willing to adjust their plans, it only shows that they only wished to do an EIA for show, showing others we had did one and probably falsely telling people that it was approved after the EIA.... sobbing....

Do agree with Dave, your swallow is a Red-rumped, Striated is only so far represented by the resident "badia" form in Peninsular Malaysia that is often proposed to be a distinct species itself, named as the Rufous-bellied Swallow.

From your photo, we can see that the streaks looked less thick. But keep looking, maybe the Striated may occur as a vagrant here. However from most sources, all subspecies of Striated are generally residential unlike the Red-rumped. However there were vagrant/migrant records in East Malaysia that suggests the "mayri" could had been a partial migrant but lately seemed that these records must be further verified to ensure that there were no confusions with the Red-rumped there since the two were originally conspecific in the past.

yen said...

pretty exciting line of work I say. heaven for nature lover la.