Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Perlis State Park 110313

It is the time again to bring the students to the field. As usual,Perlis State Park is always the best place to go as it can cater more than 40 students. This time, i decided to concentrate more on my digiscoping. It was raining on the first day and the subsequent day was cloudy or drizzling, giving a very big challenge for digiscope.

I did notice the Nikon P5100 which i have in combo with Nikon ED 82 fieldscope is a lousy camera in low light. The noise is very visible even at ISO 800. Sometime, nothing comes out on the screen when turn it seems to have faulty! :( I wish i could get a replacement for it...but no time soon. Anyway, i'm glad some of the results turns out quite ok....

A video of a red throated barbet,

Banded Broadbill's nest

Draco blanfordii
 Dusky leaf Monkey
 Ratufa bicolor,
 a nice effect cause by the low shutter of the cam,
 Eutropis macularia,male,
 Hylarana nigrovittata
 Orange breasted Trogon
 Rufous collared Kingfisher, female,
 A stick insect
 Varanus nebulosus, this fella can be seen on trees in front of the surau. I saw it most of the time when i visit PSP.

Some of the shots from my D300s,

Common Palm Civet

 Kerivoula pellucida
 Lariscus insignis, three striped ground squirrel.
 Rhinolophus macrotis,new record for the park n new locality for this species.
 White Handed Gibbon
When it come to eating time, the students are so enthusiast. Having barbecue...
PSP always been a very good place either for mammals, birds or herpetofauna. I'll come back as i still have some species that i still didn't find in the park. Thanks.

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