Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alor Setar and Bukit Wang 110706

I'm back to Alor Setar again as its going to be a busy weeks ahead for July. I manage to do some birding and herping. 

A male Baya Weaver guarding its nest while trying to attract female to come and check it...
 He turns out to be lucky, here is a shot of a female making a check. But i'm not sure whether she agreed to be the partner or not...hehehe...

 A school of snakehead babies, Channa striatus or 'haruan'. This fish is a mouth-brooder so the baby will flee into the mother's mouth for safety...you can see the mother's shadow at the bottom..
 A juvenile Greater Coucal,

 Hoplobatrachus chinensis, Chinese Bullfrog. A feral species, introduced for the meat....

 Pied fantail,

 Scaly brested Munia, 'Pipit Sisik'

Slaty breasted Rail,
 a weird looking Fejevarya limnocharis, Grass frog...it resembles the one i took from Balik Pulau, Penang. It has elongated skin fold along the back instead of broken ones....

I also went out to do some survey at Bukit Wang,Kedah with Choo Eng and Evan. But there's nothing much as it was quite dry..

Leptobrachium hendricksonii froglet
Microhyla berdmorei,

That's all. Thanks a lot!


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