Monday, January 13, 2014

Chuping-raptors heaven

After hearing of so many rare sightings in Chuping, Perlis. I decided to go there on my own on 24 December 2013. Indeed there were so many harriers and i got my lifer which is a short toed snake eagle. I stayed til noon and decided to head home after a heavy rain pouring down for an hour at about 2 pm. Here are some shots of the birds and a snake i saw during the trip. Not many good shots but i admit shooting alone is hard especially if you are shooting from car. Anyway, wait for my next post from the same area but this time i went with a friend.

 Black Drongo

 I couldn't really be sure of this raptor's id. I think its just a dark morph Oriental Honey Buzzard but i could be wrong.

 Another raptor which i also think was an OHB.

Zitting Cisticola.

An Indochinese Ratsnake resting on the Mimosa pigra tree. I also saw a Copperhead Racer crossing the road but no shot coz its too fast. So did a pair of quail which i thought was a Blue-breasted.

Thats all guys. Will post the second trip report soon. Thanks for reading.

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