Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bkt Wang 30/2/2010

After taking the Taiga Flycatcher at Bukit Wang, i was tempted to come again to Bukit Wang. Taiga was only taken outside at the parking lot as i don't have much time to do extra birding.

I received a call from Hor Kee asking whether i'm interested to go for an overnight trip to Bukit Wang. I can't resist as spending the night there means i'll also got the chance to go for herping. Moreover, Evan, my herping partner is coming along.

On birding point of view,this area has many good species in its list after the visit by Choo Eng and Choy Wai Mun earlier.

As i arrive around 10.45am, i heard a banded bay cuckoo calling quite close to the roadside but i didn't manage to see nor to lure it out. While waiting for it i heard a blue crowned hanging parrot call. I couldn't locate it and suddenly i saw a man taking down a trap called 'jebak' in Malay. This trap has a captive bird in it (in this case a blue crowned) which was use as a lure to capture other individual of the same species. So i decided to move on...

I made another stop after hearing a lot of barbets call. Pity i couldn't locate any of them. Some of them are Gold Whiskered, Blue Eared, Yellow Crowned and Brown Barbet. Some other birds from the same area are streaked bulbul, asian fairy bluebird, olive winged bulbul, spectacled bulbul and this yellow breasted flowerpecker. It perched quite low while eating a fruit from 'senduduk' tree.

After continuing my journey, suddenly i heard a malaysian honeyguide calling. I waited for half an hour before i could locate the bird. Quite high up but at least i got a record shot. Here it is,

While looking for this honeyguide lots of others are around. Some of them,
Chestnut breasted malkoha, not the best but just as record,

An asian paradise flycatcher, a male brown morph,

A grey breasted spiderhunter, taking nectar from the flower planted by somebody along the trail,

An orange breasted trogon, but a bit high for a decent shot,

A grey rumped treeswift,

One more high flyer, a swiftlet but not sure which one,

A far far away black thighed falconet,

A tiger shrike,

A black winged flycatcher shrike,

I also saw a pair of wreathed hornbill flying quite low but didn't have the chance to photograph it as i was busy looking for the honeyguide.

After a long stop,i decided to call Hor Kee asking where thay are but the phone coverage is quite bad. I manage to send sms to him and he said they are already far in. After telling him about the honeyguide he insist to come out and meet me. He also said that he met John and Jasmine from MNS Selangor. After meeting them, i showed them the honeyguide which happens to be still on the same perch. It was a lifer for John and Jasmine. Their shots are much better than mine! Hehe..nevermind seeing it is more than enough for me.

They told me there was a bat hawk perching on nearby tree, so i went for a photograph, was still around but a bit high. Good enough for me.

After birding since morning we decided to go to Jitra and check-in to our hotel. It was PJ2 hotel and turns out quite nice for RM80 per night.

I will put out the herping result in next post.


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