Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kamunting and Bukit Merah

After hearing from friends that there's a Little cormorant at Kamunting, and many people have seen it, i can't help myself but to plan a trip there. I contacted Choo Eng who later contacted Kimchye to conform whether the bird is still around or not. Luckily i got an sms from Choo Eng saying that the bird is still there. We headed down south late noon.
As we were on the highway, i can see dark clouds over Maxwell's  hill, i can only hope that it won't be raining when we arrive at the mining pool.
Indeed we are lucky, that it was just a slight drizzle when we first arrive. Without wasting more time, i set up my Nikon digiscoping set and head up to the lake. Choo Eng used his binocular and poited to me where the bird is. I took some shot but it was quite far and the Nikon Coolpix P5100 is not good under low light. Anyway here are some of the shot using Nikon P5100+Nikon ED 82 fieldscope+Manfrotto tripod with video head.

 The little cormorant was later flew and perched closer to the lakeside permitting us to get a better shot.

 Showing its movable upper mandible...
 Some other bird that we saw was Cotton Pygmy Goose, Purple Swamphen and many other commoner..

After a while, we decided to drive up and stop at Bukit Merah. It was only a while before the rain starts to pour heavily. I manage to get few shots of the grey headed fish eagle.

Some other bird seen was the usual osprey and oriental pied hornbill. Better luck next time.

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