Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wader survey along Kedah coast

The chinese new year break gives me some chance to do some wader survey along the Kedah coast. Its been so long since i visited the area. Lucky it was more or less the same...just that the variety of wader is a bit low. Maybe it is still early. Here are some shots taken from the area...

Whiskered Tern

 Terns hunting at the rivermouth
 Terns roost, there were few hundreds of them, mainly whiskered and white winged tern,

Great egret with a mudskipper..

 Whiskered in breeding plumage..

 Pacific golden plover is the most tame among all..
 A group consist of some godwit, greenshank and others..

 I do hope this is Nordmann's Greenshank but i think its just common...
 Curlew Sandpiper in partial breeding plumage,

Some view of the area. It has a very extensive mudflats but pity there were not so many places to roost while the tide is high. Maybe that's the factor why this area has less wader...

I'll need to come back here and come early morning or evening to get a better light...

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