Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Langkawi Expedition 15-21 january 2011

Been lagging behind with my write up...lots of thing missed out coz by my busy schedule and lack of laptop/computer with proper editing software. Anyway, i went to Langkawi representing USM for small mammal and bird survey. I also joined Dr Norhayati from UKM who is a herpetologist. Here are some of the highlight although most of the time i'm busy with small mammals...

We drove up  Gunung Raya on the last day. It was second after i told my friend that if he saw any bird,please stop the car,that he saw this pair of wreathed hornbill

I saw two Grey Faced Buzzard on top of Gunung Raya. What a lucky day..

This is a Rufous Bellied Swallow from Wat Wanaram. I was there trying to find a lizard that me n friends described in 2008 but it was nowhere to be found..

Some herpetofauna highlight,

Leptobrachium smithi. For Malaysia this species is endemic to the island of Langkawi.

 Though resembles Leptobrachium hendriksonii in general appearance, the yellowish iris in contrast to orange quickly distinguished it...

I hope i can post more photos but this desktop is way too slow to handle the software...maybe next time..

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